Audio Post Production

We specialise in audio post production for advertising, film, television and online content. Our bespoke post production services include sound editorial, sound editing, foley, mix and master. We take pride in collaborating with local and international clients by offering precision and detail in all aspects of their production to enhance the story being told.

Audio Post Production - Evoke Audio

Music Production / Recording

Our creativity and attention to detail with each music production and recording illustrates our passion for what we do. Everything involved with writing a composition, from choosing the tempo, mood, key, feel and flow is so important to us. It ensures the music accompaniment always adds and does not distract from the narrative. We enjoy collaborating with our clients on all aspects of the instrumentation, production and recording. We carefully choose the right rhythmic, melodic and harmonic elements to make every production bespoke by design.

Music Production / Composition - Evoke Audio

Voice Over Recording

Our VO recording service caters to all types and sizes of productions including Online Content, Advertising (TVC, Online Media), film and video productions. We are a source connect studio and offer other video conferencing options for remote sessions. Our studio has a range of industry standard microphones for your session and an acoustically designed suite to record it.

Working with our trusted voiceover partners we can help find you the perfect voice for your project. From commercials, to animated characters, video games and everything in between. We can help bring you the right voice talent to add that extra sparkle to your production. Click here for more information.

Voice Over - Evoke Audio


Creating unique and interesting podcasts is something we are passionate about. Whatever the concept, story or topic, from the initial concept to completion we love collaborating with our podcast clients. Providing services for recording, writing theme music, providing sound design, edit, mix and master. No matter where the production is at, or what service is needed, we are here to bring your podcast to life.

Podcast - Evoke Audio

Sound Design

We pride ourselves on creating sound design that is bespoke to all productions, elevating the narrative and adding it to what is happening on screen or script. Whatever is needed, we will create it. Whether it’s epic explosions, the growl of a race car driving by, crowd ambience or a plane flying overhead. Whatever the sound, we will produce it.

Sound Design - Evoke Audio

Room Hire

Our main studio (live and mix room) and production suite are available for your project or production to create, record or showcase. Each space offers a unique and creative space to work. Our main studio has a Pro Tools Ultimate system (Logic Pro X and Ableton Live available), various industry standard outboard and professional monitoring. If you have any specific requirements we are happy to discuss them with you.

Room Hire - Evoke Audio