Lewis Road Creamery – Brand Sting

For Lewis Road Creamery Limited

We had the pleasure of crafting a unique brand sting for Lewis Road Creamery. This distinctive element is intended for inclusion in all their promotional video materials, both for the Lewis Road Creamery and Southern Pastures brands. Our involvement in this project encompassed the creation of a captivating piano melody, layered with the recording of a whistled rendition of the same melody. To infuse a touch of authenticity, we incorporated the characteristic moo of a cow, a sound we captured firsthand on Southern Pasture’s farms in Tokoroa earlier in the year. We then fused all these components during the production phase. Subsequently, we provided our audio post-production services, including editing, mixing, and mastering, to ensure a polished final product for delivery.


Now I Am Listening Podcast

For Adjacent Communications

We were delighted to partner with Adjacent Communications on their podcast series, “Now I Am Listening.” This series is dedicated to exploring the world of human connection, communications and why we do what we do. Our studio had the privilege of handling editing, mixing, and the mastering of the episodes. Additionally, we took charge of recording, editing, and mixing the intros, outros, and advertorial segments. Moreover, we crafted the theme music for the podcast. For further information about the podcast series, please visit Adjacent Communications.

Recycled Glass Box | Sculptbox by Restoryz

For Re-Storyz Limited

This is a promotional video for Re-Storyz that was recorded, produced and edited by Keely at Musings Media. The video showcases the latest Sculptbox workshop kit called ‘The Recycled Glass Box. The video briefly discusses the process of this workshop, plus the brand and environmental message. We were asked to produce all music and create the sound design elements to add to the story being told. We edited all the dialog from the initial record to insure a clear message to the target audience. Finally we carried out all the audio post production tasks to take the audio to completion (edit, mix and master) before final post production by Musing Media. Such a great project to be part of!

Kia Arohatia Tātou – Kora

For Kora

We recently had the pleasure of having Fran from Kora through our studio to record vocals on their new track titled, Kia Arohatia Tātou.


The Elephant In The Bedroom Podcast Series

For Tahi.FM | Radio New Zealand

The Elephant In The Bedroom is a five episode podcast series about the intersection of sex, love & race. The podcast was recorded, edited, mixed and mastered at our studio. We were able to collaborate with the creative team on this project to enhance the narrative of each episode through custom sound design, foley and transitional music elements.

Listen to the Series Here

Introducing Sculptbox by Re-Storyz

For Re-Storyz Limited

This animation video for Re-Storyz explains the studio process for one of their products, Sculptbox – which is an online instructed glass casting workshop with a DIY feel. The animation was created by Briarlee Rees to emphasise the creative spirit of creating art and to show the process from start to completion. We had the privilege of producing the music for the video and doing all the audio post production tasks (edit, mix and master). 


Twig Pigeon – (e)MOTIONS EP

For Twig Pigeon

(e)MOTIONS is an instrumental EP by Twig Pigeon. It showcases three electronica instrumentals. B-Sides that were written through the last lockdown in New Zealand in late 2021. These three tracks explore new creative avenues by genre bending between electronica, progressive and funk music. Written and produced here by our own Ricky Simmonds, then mixed and mastered by Matt Eller.


Introduction to Re-Storyz

For Re-Storyz Limited

This was a promotional video for Re-Storyz and was produced and edited by Briarlee Rees. The video illustrates Re-Storyz online and in person glass casting workshops, their brand story and environmental message. We were asked to produce all of the musical themes, record all the VO elements to cultivate a clear message to the audience and did all the audio post production tasks to take it completion (edit, mix and master). 


Twig Pigeon – Heights ft. Martine

For Twig Pigeon

Heights ft. Martine by Twig Pigeon. The song features Martine Harding (Arma Del Amor) on vocals and is the second collaboration from the two artists. The track takes the listener on an epic electronic journey with a mixture of smooth and blazing analog synths, sub bass and big rhythmic energy. Written and produced by our own Ricky Simmonds and mixed by Matt Eller.