We are a nimble studio based in Auckland providing high quality audio services. We pride ourselves on creating bespoke audio, collaborating with our clients to enhance and elevate the story being told. We achieve this through attention to detail and our uniquely artistic approach. This is our biggest priority and passion. Let’s connect and talk about your project.

– Matt & Ricky

Audio Post Production

Music Production / Recording

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Sound Design

Sound Design

Room Hire

Room Hire

Latest Work

Sudima Hotels

For Create Now Media Limited

We were delighted to work with the team at Create Now for this video for Sudima Hotels. We were engaged to clean up the VoiceOver recording, then carried out edit, mix and master services for delivery. 

Recycled Glass Box | Sculptbox by Restoryz

For Re-Storyz Limited

This is a promotional video for Re-Storyz that was recorded, produced and edited by Keely at Musings Media. The video showcases the latest Sculptbox workshop kit called ‘The Recycled Glass Box. The video briefly discusses the process of this workshop, plus the brand and environmental message. We were asked to produce all music and create the sound design elements to add to the story being told. We edited all the dialog from the initial record to insure a clear message to the target audience. Finally we carried out all the audio post production tasks to take the audio to completion (edit, mix and master) before final post production by Musing Media. Such a great project to be part of!

Kia Arohatia Tātou – Kora

For Kora

We recently had the pleasure of having Fran from Kora through our studio to record vocals on their new track titled, Kia Arohatia Tātou.


Meadow Fresh – Disney Yoghurt Pouches

For Hashbrown Limited

Collaborating with the team at Hashbrown, we had the pleasure of working on some video content for MeadowFresh and their range of yoghurt pouches. We worked closely with them to record voiceover elements at our studio and then we carried out our audio post production services including edit, mix and master.


We provide audio post production and music production services that aim to exceed our client’s audio requirements for their creative projects. Through our attention to detail and experience we provide services for a wide range of outputs including film, advertising, online content, podcast and voiceover application.


Our live, mix and production suites were designed with high quality acoustics in mind. Creating our spaces with this acoustic detail ensures the studio is able to showcase projects to the highest standard. Each suite has an array of professional audio equipment for every project big and small. All three of our studio suites invite creativity through our unique design aesthetics, controlled ambient lighting and relaxed atmosphere. This also extends to our common area, meeting room, kitchen and client lounge.

Mix Room - Evoke Audio

Mix Room

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Live Room - Evoke Audio

Live Room

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Production Suite - Evoke Audio

Production Suite

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They stuck to the job through thick and thin and we’re hugely grateful for their tenacity and attention to detail, because we’ve produced a product of world-class standards that we’re all hugely proud of. …Matt and Ricky are super professional, but are always down for a cheeky beer and friendly yarn at the end of a hard day in the suite!

Ruby Reihana-Wilson

The Elephant In The Bedroom Podcast

Matt and Ricky provide an amazing, agile service for all your audio post-production needs. From mixing to recording voice-over to music, they can do it all!

Miryam Jacobi

2113 Creatives

It was lovely to work with a team that understood the weekly pressure points of this project! Matt and Ricky are great communicators and their work on this project was high quality and efficient.

Sophie Dowson

The Spinoff

The team at Evoke work beyond the call of “audio engineering”. They really understand every intention behind the story you want to deliver. This is what puts them above the rest. It’s more than engineering excellence, it’s a commitment to genuine storytelling. That’s why I’ll go back. No mātou te maringa nui. E mihi ana.

Rutene Spooner

Metro Māori Productions


How Do I Enquire About Booking Your Audio Services?

Reach out to us with all your project requirements and we will be in touch to discuss them with you (and provide a quote if needed).

Can I Do A Remote Booking?

Yes, all of our music production, sound design and audio post production services are available for remote booking (i.e. edit, mix, and master). Please note: music production and sound design are on a project by project basis depending on project requirements. get in touch for details.

Can I Book Attended Voiceover Sessions?

Yes, please get in touch.

Do You Offer Remote Voiceover Sessions?

Yes, we have the capability to take remote voiceover sessions and we do them regularly. We have source connect and video conferencing options for remote sessions. eg: the talent can be present at the studio and the director / client can be connected remotely and will be able to collaborate with the talent during their session.

I’ve Got An Idea For A Podcast, Can You Help Me Record It?

Yes, please get in touch with us to discuss.

Does Evoke Audio Provide Dry Hire Of Their Studio Suites?

Yes, we do. We have both our production suite (suitable for a writing room or small sessions) and our mix room and live room for hire (mix sessions, live sessions etc). Please get in touch with us to discuss.

Do You Have Any Shared Spaces Available For Hire?

Yes, we have a meeting room which is located at the front of our building and available for meetings or shared desk type hires.

Do You Have Somewhere I Can Relax During A Session?

Yes, we do. Our common space is available to all bookings, clients and visitors. It has been designed by us to be a relaxed open plan environment with a kitchenette, lounge and another working desk. We have a main entertainment unit with a large 4k tv, xbox, all main streaming platforms, stereo and record player for you to relax with in between takes.

How Far Away From The Auckland CBD Is The Studio By Car?

During peak times around 30-35 mins and off peak times around 20-25mins.

Is There Parking Available?

Yes, we have three off-street car parks directly outside our studio and free on-street parking.

Is There Public Transport Nearby The Studio?

Yes, we are 10 mins from Sturges Road train station and two minutes from the bus stops on Swanson Road (where there are city route buses available).

Did I Hear You Have A Studio Doggo And Will He Lick Me?

Yes, his name is Frankie and we cannot confirm or deny.