Now I Am Listening Podcast

For Adjacent Communications

We were delighted to partner with Adjacent Communications on their podcast series, “Now I Am Listening.” This series is dedicated to exploring the world of human connection, communications and why we do what we do. Our studio had the privilege of handling editing, mixing, and the mastering of the episodes. Additionally, we took charge of recording, editing, and mixing the intros, outros, and advertorial segments. Moreover, we crafted the theme music for the podcast. For further information about the podcast series, please visit Adjacent Communications.

The Elephant In The Bedroom Podcast Series

For Tahi.FM | Radio New Zealand

The Elephant In The Bedroom is a five episode podcast series about the intersection of sex, love & race. The podcast was recorded, edited, mixed and mastered at our studio. We were able to collaborate with the creative team on this project to enhance the narrative of each episode through custom sound design, foley and transitional music elements.

Listen to the Series Here